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Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited
  • We are a growing force in global insurance and reinsurance. We bring an innovative approach, deep expertise and fresh thinking to our markets and operations. Our specialist approach to underwriting enables us to maintain a strong emphasis on complex risks, giving us a competitive edge over many of our peers.

    Our people: Aspen is known throughout the market for the expertise and deep knowledge of our Underwriters and Claims professionals. We empower our business line leaders to be the chief underwriting officers for their specific areas of expertise and responsibility. The expertise embedded within our teams allow us to execute expert risk selection, and in doing so, outperform the market

    Our products: Our expertise enables us to create individualized, niche, and therefore relevant risk solutions for customers

    Our distribution: Our focussed and strategic limited distribution model allows us to focus on target brokers

    Our service: Our integrated approach to risk selection, engaging Underwriters, Claims and Actuarial professionals is unique in the market and adds tremendous value to our customers

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Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited

141 Front Street
HM19 Bermuda
+1 441 295 8201

Investor Relations Contact

Peter Krinks

Transfer agent and registrar

P.O. Box 505000
Louisville, KY 40233-5000

Toll-free T: 800 522 6645
Overseas T: +1 201 680 6578

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